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Come On Grandma

Come On Grandma (Dedicated to my own Grandma, Albert’s sister Carrie)

‘Come on Grandma, you’re never too old’
Albert said as he whisked her around and she’d scold,
‘Ooh, Albert, you bad boy! Sid, put that thing down!’
She’d add to his brother with a humorous frown

‘I’m still in me pinny, me hair’s all awry.
Me teeth ain’t in’ she’d laugh till she’d cry
‘And if Sid takes that picture, I’ll box his ears’
Sid took it and ran! She’d fulfil his fears!

Their ma watched on in her best party titfer,
Not knowing that shortly they’d all sorely miss her.
She died in the Bethnal Green crush with her youngest,
He lived but suffered the grief the longest.

She’d often said ‘If anyone’s to die in this horrid war,
I’ll go, not Carrie, the boys or me ma’
She got her wish, that no one denied,
But those of us left, how we cried and cried.

So the picture of her with her mum and a son
The memory of the day, the laughter lives on
Reminds us of the need to all take a chance
Whatever life brings, it’s important to dance!

By Anna Reid 2007 ©come-on-grandma