Snapshot of Anna

Anna at Vashti&Lee weddingHiya, 1958 vintage. I have no gripe with ageing (well apart from the usual oohs and ahhs) but I honestly still giggle at the thought that I’m 60 ~ “Who me? How the f**** did THAT happen?!” ~ Of course I know how it happened, I have many memories. lol

I worked all my life from age 16 to 53 when I was medically retired because of a diagnosis of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and my diminishing of mobility. I needed crutches to walk, strangely (!lol) London Underground frown upon drivers going down onto the track ~ 640 volts ~ with metal crutches….spoilsports…think of the FLASH!

If I wrote all about me it’d take too long and would bore ME, let alone YOU.  I’ve done many jobs from office to driving anything and everything via secretarial, market trading and driving instruction. Ask if you want to know anything, I’m not ‘precious’. If I don’t like your question I’ll tell you but I’ll answer any genuine ones.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and/or poetry. Keeps me out of mischief, eh?! hahaha

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