Monthly Archives: February 2020


I wrote this shortly after my diagnosis in 2011 (though I’d had RRMS since about 1971!)

I hope you like it:

Hello, cheeky not rude, I hope you understand 🙂


When you’ve got letters after you name that’s sometimes all people see

Some wear them like badges to define themselves. But that’s not for me

This is who I am. My big heart, my smile, my love

Not some label, description of an outside thing, given from above


For forms I’m asked is it Mrs, Miss, Ms? I have to say the latter

But I’d rather you use my first name as the label doesn’t matter

Twice married, twice divorced what title would you give?

Apart from “fussy” I’d prefer a description of the way I live


I love the great outdoors, wildlife, photography, swimming, dogs

For me my life isn’t something contrived or written for others in blogs

I grab it by the short ‘n’ curlies, give a shake and see what falls

Life’s expansive, fun, a challenge, whatever. It’s not contained within 4 walls


That’s why I refuse to wear the label endowed upon me by others

Or live my life as part of a club, a ‘merry band of brothers’

Although my title would be balanced by those suffix letters that is

I refuse to live under an invisible cloud of gloom that is MS


© Anna Reid