Make up…yes or no?

Hello, cheeky not rude, I hope you understand 🙂

Poor dexterity versus make-up…..hmmmm, what d’ya reckon?

I avoid most make-up nowadays as my dexterity is so poor that I’d probably have my eye out and lippy all up my cheek! Lip gloss, face cream and purple highlights in hair (yet to be attempted!) will have to do. My last attempt at make-up took ages and lots of wiping and re-applying only to wipe it all over my face because I forgot I had it on and I rubbed my eye! D’oh!

I’m thinking of having my eyelashes tinted. I did it years ago for a holiday but can’t remember what it was like. To be honest, I’m very much a take-it-or-leave-it kinda lass….always have been, it really comes in useful now…so I’m really not bothered but since a friend mentioned it I’ve been giving it some thought.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Make up…yes or no?

  1. My fave make-up was always kohl eye-liner and mascara anyway so not much missing by not wearing any. I miss the kohl but that was what I smeared across my face the time I forgot I was wearing it! P’haps I should think about having it tattooed on?! Eek. I’ve always been doubtful about any tattoo as it’s permanent and what if you don’t like it, or it looks crap, as you age. I’m 60 now so maybe that’s a good time to go for it…..not so many years in which to risk regret!!

  2. My daughters get their eye brown micro-bladed(?) and swear by it. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. I like t attempt to wear makeup but like you, my dexterity isn’t as sharp as it once was so I end up looking like Ronald McDonald without the flaming red hair! I say do whatever makes you feel good!

    1. i have virtually non-existent eyebrows so nothing much to do anything with! Over-plucked in the 70s (thin brows fashionable then) and never dark so don’t even show up now. lol. I thought of having them dyed too but thought it’d be too much of a shock to me, let alone others! I’m having second thoughts about the eyelashes but will probably do it at least once and see what I think. I retain water and cry far too often (pain) so my eyelids are quite puffy. I never did have defined eyelids ~ y’know the sort that give you a hollow for putting a darker shade of eye-shadow into. lol. Hey-ho. Ronald McDonald? haha Now that’s an image! hehehe

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