Ok, NOT ok.

Hello, cheeky not rude, I hope you understand 🙂

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I’m not ok. Yesterday I stayed in my nightie all day ~ the phrase ‘wading through treacle” comes to mind. Today I planned to be up, dressed and busy-ish….instead I went to bed at 3am, knackered in morning so got up at noon feeling shot to bits. Still in dressing gown…BUT…I’m smiling. Why? Because following some lush, but rare nowadays, meditation last night I calmly ‘popped’ one of my ear-ring piercings that’d long since sealed over through lack of use. The other one was still open so just the one needed attention. I am now wearing ear-rings and grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat!

My dexterity is poor nowadays so previous attempts at the piercing-pop had involved me stabbing the earlobe! Not good. Now, because of said crap dexterity I have a plan……. I shall wear silver, my fave and a natural antiseptic  (look it up on Ecosia ~ https://www.ecosia.org ~ owned by Google but they plant a tree for every 45 searches you do), I digress as usual (!) I shall wear silver sleepers with half a magnetic clasp on each. They are the clasps you can buy to put on necklaces. I intend to attach the other halves to all my pairs of ear-rings so I can just aim them towards the sleepers and ‘SNAP’ they’ll meet the other magnet half and I can wear all my old faves again! I just need to get the magnetic clasps into place…this may take a while…and a few choice words…y’know the ones. lol

Do you wear jewellery? If so do you have any tips to aid a now-non-dexterous-bint and others? All advice gratefully received… I thank you

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