Hahaha….let’s get this thing started!

Hello, cheeky not rude, I hope you understand 🙂

This, when I’ve learned the ins and outs of WordPress (yeah, I’m impatient, I’m sure that cart CAN be PUSHED by the horse. hehehe) shall be my blog. Well we all need something to keep us out of mischief…

Now, I haven’t told you what I intend to rant…er…I mean write about, have I? Ok, here’s the gen. I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Bummer, huh?! Yup. I didn’t know until relapsing remitting turned into that, though, during that wonderfully fun time in a woman’s life (oh irony!) my menopause.

As you can see, I’ll talk about anything. Shit, none of us get out of this alive so I ain’t ‘precious’ about my topics. Say what I mean and mean what I say. This one will be about how I deal with infirmity and the pain (oooh, the pain IS a pain!) and that debilitating monster, fatigue…..zzzzzzz….what? Who? Where? Oh yes, I remember (cheer from crowd. lol) this blog is to be called by a ‘technique’ I engage to deal with all of the above. I call it….


Welcome to the madhouse…..


7 thoughts on “Hahaha….let’s get this thing started!

    1. Loving your blogs! Grit and determination with a good dose of humour! 😝 I will try to get going on mine a bit, on a day when my fingers arent sulking. 😊 love your poems BTW..XX

      1. Can I just ask having not been down this road for long, are you on any medication for any of it? I am very sore first thing and take 2 paracetamol before I get up. Apart from that not a lot. I’m dreading the fatigue coming back big time and was put on anti depressants which have really helped my fatigue and outlook. Thank you. 😊

  1. Pain & fatigue (and crap walking etc) are biggies for me and I’m sure they aggravate each other. I take Gabapentin & blood pressure tab from doc, painkillers, vitamins and supplements (probiotics, turmeric, garlic etc) bought over-the-counter. My usage of gabapentin & painkillers vary from average to more-than-I’d-like, depending.

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