Just Walking Each Other Home

I am a native of this world, no tribe or clan I claim,
We’re one in mind and heart and soul, fairness is my aim,
My traditions come from deep inside, I listen to the wind,
Where spirits live and speak to me, they all call me friend.

Rituals do not bother me, I do as I feel is right,
You practice yours and claim the day but I have the peace of night.
Meditation brings me closer to kin and I don’t mean just family
For kin, to me, is all our souls together in harmony.

Atrocities in the world today hurt deep inside me and you
And actions that I undertake try to redress the balance, it’s true.
I worship not some deity and I know I’m not alone
Many of us feel a universal bond, we’re just walking each other home.

(c) Anna Reid

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