I’m a Funny Age Y’know

Anna in Quito en route to Galapagos crop

After the main event
(or “I’m a funny age y’know”)

Is it hot in here or is it just me?
And where’s the loo, I don’t half need a pee
I know it’s not very long since I’ve been
It’s one of those days, “for England” I’m peeing!
I’m a funny age y’know

Have I just been insulted, it felt like I was?
I used to dress like that but I don’t now because..
Oh, pass me my flatties, my feet have got fat
And I know it’s a wedding but I can’t wear that hat
I’m having a hot one y’know

Chocolate sponge for pud, oh yumm, I’ll have four
And God help the waiter that won’t let me, for sure
I’m “assertive”, not rude, but I’ll tell him what’s what
If he won’t bring me CHOCOLATE if I ask…or not
I’ve got cravings today y’know

The bride looks just lovely, reminds me of me
When I waltzed with my father, I was so carefree
Please pass me that napkin, I can’t stop these tears
I don’t know why I’m crying, for the loss of those years?
I can be a bit weepy y’know

My little niece comes to me and we both share a laugh
My son wants advice on why he should bath
Cousin Geoffrey is here and he’s bending my ear
My ‘internal magnet’ brings folk all the year
I’m a right ‘mother hen’ y’know

I’m still young at heart and as fit as a flea
Apart from hot flushes and needing to pee
And, of course, the odd mood change and love of sweet things
Oh here come the couple to show off their rings
My approval’s still wanted y’know

It’s a pretty good age if it’s life you embrace
And you don’t have to look far and you’ll find a trace
Of the young woman, and child, that I once surely was
That makes me the mad ol’ bat I am now because…

I’m a funny age y’know!

Anna Reid ©

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