100 Not Out

Turning 50 brought it’s own presents, high blood pressure was one,
It makes me think of mortality, I’m too young to be dead and gone
Relax & chill says the doc but a large family wins
3 kids and their kids, the last lot were twins!


60 was different. Total disbelief, oh and a giant leg it brought
An abcess was the cause but it gave me food for thought
Mortality is present in my mind most days it’s true
But what will be will be, no time to rue.


70, bloody hell, that’s getting into proper old age
I never thought about it but I suppose I’m now a ‘sage’
I’m getting the hang of this ‘old uns’ life
But knowing it could end abruptly still gives me strife.


80s here, eek, with wrinkles and loss of height,
I shouldn’t grumble, I still have my eyesight,
it’s not great but it’s better than my peers
and that will do to keep me happy my dears


90 today, what a hoot, that mirror doesn’t lie
Damned if I recognise that ol’ girl I have to let out a sigh,
Death? Sounds fun but I don’t mean that morbidly you know
I plan to be around to see my gt.gt. grandkids grow.


A telegram from the King, oh, which one is he, I forget?
I’m up and dressed to see the world, is my daughter here yet?
Oh yes, I remember, cancer took her when she was 70.
So who’s coming to see me today of days when I think about eternity?

I open the door to the dayroom and everybody cheers
All my living family’s here along with my aging peers
Too old for bumps I get kisses instead, a tear comes to my eye
For all those I’ve outlived and miss, I’m not afraid to die.

The party’s in full swing I see, grandkids have taken to the floor
In comes a cake as big as a house but there’s another at the door
My daughter’s come, I said she would, she wouldn’t leave me alone
She extends her hand and smiles at me “Come on, let’s take you home”

(c) Anna Reid

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