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Silent Tears

A scream of rage
risen from my ribcage
emits from my mouth.
Fustration and despair overcome me
Tears of anger
tell of eternal danger
from where, who knows?
Worthlessness overcomes me
Silent tears
replace rage over years
kept to myself
Acceptance looks defeatest…but
Acceptance helps
it lets you breath
deeply, at last
A necessary process. It helps
Silent tears
valve released
Function restored
A smile from my lips

by Anna Reid ©
and backwards….
Silent Tears
A smile from my lips
Function restored
valve released
Silent tears
A necessary process. It helps
deeply, at last
it lets you breath
Acceptance helps
Acceptance looks defeatest but
kept to myself
replace rage over years
Silent tears
Worthlessness overcomes me
from where, who knows?
tell of eternal danger
Tears of anger
Fustration and despair overcome me
emits from my mouth
risen from my ribcage
A scream of rage

by Anna Reid ©
As a friend pointed out it works either way.

Come On Grandma

Come On Grandma (Dedicated to my own Grandma, Albert’s sister Carrie)

‘Come on Grandma, you’re never too old’
Albert said as he whisked her around and she’d scold,
‘Ooh, Albert, you bad boy! Sid, put that thing down!’
She’d add to his brother with a humorous frown

‘I’m still in me pinny, me hair’s all awry.
Me teeth ain’t in’ she’d laugh till she’d cry
‘And if Sid takes that picture, I’ll box his ears’
Sid took it and ran! She’d fulfil his fears!

Their ma watched on in her best party titfer,
Not knowing that shortly they’d all sorely miss her.
She died in the Bethnal Green crush with her youngest,
He lived but suffered the grief the longest.

She’d often said ‘If anyone’s to die in this horrid war,
I’ll go, not Carrie, the boys or me ma’
She got her wish, that no one denied,
But those of us left, how we cried and cried.

So the picture of her with her mum and a son
The memory of the day, the laughter lives on
Reminds us of the need to all take a chance
Whatever life brings, it’s important to dance!

By Anna Reid 2007 ©come-on-grandma

I’m a Funny Age Y’know

Anna in Quito en route to Galapagos crop

After the main event
(or “I’m a funny age y’know”)

Is it hot in here or is it just me?
And where’s the loo, I don’t half need a pee
I know it’s not very long since I’ve been
It’s one of those days, “for England” I’m peeing!
I’m a funny age y’know

Have I just been insulted, it felt like I was?
I used to dress like that but I don’t now because..
Oh, pass me my flatties, my feet have got fat
And I know it’s a wedding but I can’t wear that hat
I’m having a hot one y’know

Chocolate sponge for pud, oh yumm, I’ll have four
And God help the waiter that won’t let me, for sure
I’m “assertive”, not rude, but I’ll tell him what’s what
If he won’t bring me CHOCOLATE if I ask…or not
I’ve got cravings today y’know

The bride looks just lovely, reminds me of me
When I waltzed with my father, I was so carefree
Please pass me that napkin, I can’t stop these tears
I don’t know why I’m crying, for the loss of those years?
I can be a bit weepy y’know

My little niece comes to me and we both share a laugh
My son wants advice on why he should bath
Cousin Geoffrey is here and he’s bending my ear
My ‘internal magnet’ brings folk all the year
I’m a right ‘mother hen’ y’know

I’m still young at heart and as fit as a flea
Apart from hot flushes and needing to pee
And, of course, the odd mood change and love of sweet things
Oh here come the couple to show off their rings
My approval’s still wanted y’know

It’s a pretty good age if it’s life you embrace
And you don’t have to look far and you’ll find a trace
Of the young woman, and child, that I once surely was
That makes me the mad ol’ bat I am now because…

I’m a funny age y’know!

Anna Reid ©

Letters After My Name

When you’ve got letters after your name that’s sometimes all people see
Some wear them like badges to define themselves. But that’s not for me
This is who I am. My big heart, my smile, my love
Not some label, description of an outside thing, given from above

For forms I’m asked is it Mrs, Miss, Ms? I have to say the latter
But I’d rather you use my first name as the label doesn’t matter
Twice married, twice divorced what title would you give?
Apart from “fussy” I’d prefer a description of the way I live

I love the great outdoors, wildlife, photography, swimming, dogs
For me my life isn’t something contrived or written for others in blogs
I grab it by the short ‘n’ curlies, give a shake and see what falls
Life’s expansive, fun, a challenge, whatever. It’s not contained within 4 walls

That’s why I refuse to wear the label endowed upon me by others
Or live my life as part of a club, a ‘merry band of brothers’
Although my title would be balanced by those suffix letters that is

I refuse to live under an invisible cloud of gloom that is MS

© Anna Reid

Winter Sowing

We’re Winter sowing now, we are, to reap in early Spring
For loved ones lost so sadly, in a disaster in Bethnal Green
All ages, creeds, religions died when going to the tube
a crowd of quickly walking legs as an air raid ensued

The station was unfinished, no centre rail was on the stairs
A lady fell at the bottom, carrying a baby and all her wares
One bulb was all they saw by so they just kept coming, you see
The stairs were dark and enclosed as shelters had to be

It was during the Second World War, 1939-45
East London was hit hard all through, survivors lucky to be alive
Proximity to the docks meant often bombs came raining down
But that fateful night in ’43 saw a disaster all it’s own

New guns in Viccy Park were fired the like of them never heard
Made people hurry to the shelters as they thought the sound was weird
“They must be bombs” said one “I fear you may be right,
let’s get downstairs sharpish then out of this dreadful night”

173 died in the crush, many more injured in body and mind
A civilian disaster upon this scale, you’d hardly be able to find
It was kept quiet, at the time, fear of enemy glee and boast
At last we can commemorate it, pay homage to those souls lost

If you go to Barmy Park, Roman Road entrance of the tube
You’ll see a near completed memorial and a seat that’s getting well used
It’s beautiful as it is but the top’s still awaiting delivery
It’s not so pretty, but very poignant, dry eyes won’t likely see

The shape is inverted steps, same size as where they died
With conicle holes, for all the dead, shining light down to to where we’ve cried
When it’s unveiled we’ll cry again but happy mixed with sad
To think it’s finally finished will make us mighty glad.

Please help us reach this achievable dream to finish it next year
and remember loved ones, tragically lost, people we held dear
For although it’s history now and some would say “forget it”
Family live on and we should heed the lessons that it taught.

(c) Anna Reid

100 Not Out

Turning 50 brought it’s own presents, high blood pressure was one,
It makes me think of mortality, I’m too young to be dead and gone
Relax & chill says the doc but a large family wins
3 kids and their kids, the last lot were twins!


60 was different. Total disbelief, oh and a giant leg it brought
An abcess was the cause but it gave me food for thought
Mortality is present in my mind most days it’s true
But what will be will be, no time to rue.


70, bloody hell, that’s getting into proper old age
I never thought about it but I suppose I’m now a ‘sage’
I’m getting the hang of this ‘old uns’ life
But knowing it could end abruptly still gives me strife.


80s here, eek, with wrinkles and loss of height,
I shouldn’t grumble, I still have my eyesight,
it’s not great but it’s better than my peers
and that will do to keep me happy my dears


90 today, what a hoot, that mirror doesn’t lie
Damned if I recognise that ol’ girl I have to let out a sigh,
Death? Sounds fun but I don’t mean that morbidly you know
I plan to be around to see my grandkids grow.


A telegram from the King, oh, which one is he, I forget?
I’m up and dressed to see the world, is my daughter here yet?
Oh yes, I remember, cancer took her when she was 70.
So who’s coming to see me today of days when I think about eternity?

I open the door to the dayroom and everybody cheers
All my living family’s here along with my aging peers
Too old for bumps I get kisses instead, a tear comes to my eye
For all those I’ve outlived and miss, I’m not afraid to die.

The party’s in full swing I see, grandkids have taken to the floor
In comes a cake as big as a house but there’s another at the door
My daughter’s come, I said she would, she wouldn’t leave me alone
She extends her hand and smiles at me “Come on, let’s take you home”

(c) Anna Reid



Sonny - young

Our feet touch as we stretch
From opposite ends of the settee
He sighs contentedly
I smile and sigh too

Our feet remain touching
Sole to sole, soul to soul
He comforts my illness
Like no-one else could

Our spirits have merged together
In this momentary exchange of touch
We are one heart
We’re complete, my dog and I

(c) Anna Reid

Just Walking Each Other Home

I am a native of this world, no tribe or clan I claim,
We’re one in mind and heart and soul, fairness is my aim,
My traditions come from deep inside, I listen to the wind,
Where spirits live and speak to me, they all call me friend.

Rituals do not bother me, I do as I feel is right,
You practice yours and claim the day but I have the peace of night.
Meditation brings me closer to kin and I don’t mean just family
For kin, to me, is all our souls together in harmony.

Atrocities in the world today hurt deep inside me and you
And actions that I undertake try to redress the balance, it’s true.
I worship not some deity and I know I’m not alone
Many of us feel a universal bond, we’re just walking each other home.

(c) Anna Reid

We’re Smitten

We’re slightly less attentive to each others’ needs,
For someone else is thought about when we do ‘heroic’ deeds.
Bob & I now act differently, he’s even started to jog!
Yes, our heads have been turned by another…….

We’ve gone and got a DOG!!!

(c) Anna Reid

For Brogan who ‘rescued’ us at The Dogs’ Trust on 14th November 2015
It’s good to have him home. xxx

[We sadly lost him to liver failure, aged about 5 and a half, on the 8th October 2018.  His early life caught him up. We’d expected to him move to Scotland with us in 2020. We are bereft.]The great adventurer 13]